Type of activity:

Type of activity:
  • event (4)
  • Market (3)
  • Food (2)
  • scooter or e-bike (1)
  • shopping (1)
  • Sailing (1)
  • Hiking (1)
  • Wine Tour (1)

Suitable for:

Suitable for:
  • All ages (10)
  • Activity from 18 years ( 2)
  • Activity from 12 years ( 1)


  • Arezzo (2)
  • Cortona (2)
  • Camucia (1)
  • Castiglion Fiorentina (1)
  • Colle val d'elsa (1)
  • Fabrizio Dionisio, Il Castagno, C.S. Ossaia 87, 52044 Cortona AR (1)
  • Florence (1)
  • Montepulciano (1)
  • Montepulciano, in the countryside (1)
  • Passignano del Trasimeo. (1)

Walking and swimming

A beautiful walk along the clear blue Elsa River with several waterfalls. Relax in this beautiful nature. Bring a picnic and your swimming costume!

Picnic at a cheese farm

A delicious lunch at a cheese farm overlooking Montepulciano. Fill your basket with delicious cheese, meats, wine, jams and honey, pick your own and find a spot on the property. There are many different seating areas. Truly a fun experience! Cusugi Cheese Farm Via della Boccia 8 53045 Montepulciano 0039 0578 757558

Go shopping! Outlet

Shopping at the outlet centre. 140 shops, so plenty of choice!

Rent a boat Lago Trasimeno

Relaxing on the water? You can! Lago Trasimeno is 20 minutes from the agriturismo. Here you can rent a boat for a day or part of a day and enjoy sailing on the second largest lake of Italy. There are three islands in the lake, two of which you can visit.

Festa Medievale bianco azzurra

Medieval feast in May-June

La Giostra del Saracino (Medieval feast)

Penultimate Saturday in June. First Sunday in September

Calcio storico (historic football)

June 24th in Piazza Santa Croce.

Il Palio (horse race)

2 July and 16 August in Piazza del Campo in Siena.

Bravio delle Botti (race of the wine barrels)

Last Sunday in August. The week before there are also all kinds of festive activities,

Sagra della Bistecca

The biggest barbecue in Italy is in Tuscany! One week a year the park of Cortona is transformed into BBQ grounds. People brick a huge BBQ of some 160m2. Men with headbands against sweat, armed with pitchforks to fry the meat. A mighty spectacle. Large steaks from local cows are cooked here and served along with a bottle of wine, a bottle of water, a tray of tomato salad and a peach. 800 grams 0f 1200 grams, you name it.

Antiques market in Cortona

Every 4th Sunday of the month there is a fun, small antique market in Piazza Signorelli in Cortona. Nice to spend some time scurrying around among all the stalls.

Hike to Cortona

Every Monday morning we walk to Cortona. We leave on time to get ahead of the heat, around 8 am. The first part goes uphill and is quite steep, so that's good! The route is partly on ancient Roman paths. 200 years old, and still intact. Beautiful views, varied landscape, and doable for anyone who can walk for an hour; 3 kilometers but climbing and descending. In Cortona we take a typical Italian breakfast together; a nice cappucino with sweet bread. This breakfast is included in the price of the walk (any other drinks and sandwiches available at an additional cost). Enthusiasts can stay and explore Cortona on their own after breakfast. After breakfast we walk back together or alone, both possible. This activity takes place with sufficient participation.

Pizza night

Don't feel like cooking? Then join us for a nice dinner.Cozy dining together, drinking fine wines, at a long table.... Come un film! Every Tuesday evening we fire up the big pizza oven and bake all kinds of pizzas. These we cut to pieces and put on the table, come, grab and taste! As a starter we serve various anti-pasti and we finish with home-made tiramisu. A three course pizza evening, Italian food at its best.

Scooter tour

Highly recommended! On a scooter right through the beautiful Tuscan countryside. "It's like driving straight through a painting.... "First you go through a beautiful part of Tuscany on your way to the scooter rental company in Pienza. After a very nice drive of an hour you will arrive there. Here you will get a map of the area and nice tips, your scooter tour along all kinds of picturesque Tuscan towns can begin. Nice touring, stopping along the way at the most beautiful places and of course do not forget to have lunch ... In addition to scooters, this company also rents out old fiat 500 cars and e-bikes. The scooters are Vespa 125cc. They require a car license and a credit card. A motorcycle license is not required. For many a highlight of the vacation. Especially in the summer, book on time! We are happy to do that for you, we have attractive arrangements with the rental company.

Arezzo antique market

The largest antique market in the region is in the center of Arezzo. Always on the first Sunday of the month and the Saturday before. The whole old center of Arezzo turns into a lively antique market. There is something for everyone: antiques, bric-a-brac, art and entertainment; a delicious espreso in a bar on the square, an elaborate lunch after strolling through the antique market, it is all possible and fun! Only a good half hour away.


A large regional goods market held every Thursday morning. From fruit to clothing to live chickens. You can't imagine if it's for sale here. This is where the Italians from the area meet to catch up. Very nice to see and hear. Nearby, just ten minutes away.

Wine tasting

A wine tasting and tour at a beautiful complex near our agriturismo. Fabrizio Dionisio in Castagno, 3 km away from us. Beforehand you will get an extensive tour of the complex. Then a nice tasting of the different wines that this company makes, of course the antipasti are not missing. White, Rose, Bubbles and various syrah wines. Cost 30 euros per person. Reservations are required, please ask us, Johannes can make a reservation. By appointment only.
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