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We are Johannes and Jolanda Dijkhof.

For a long time we have loved Italy.
That's why a few years ago we bought a shell penthouse on Lake Como.
We finished this together with local Italians. We enjoyed the contact and the project immensely and put our vacation home up for rent. It went well right away. It was so much fun that we decided we wanted to live and work in Italy! The beginning of a long search, will it be Le Marche, Umbria or Tuscany? Now we have our own Agriturismo, in the real Italy: Tuscany.

Jolanda's previous job was as a teacher at a primary school. Johannes had two bicycle shops, one in Groningen and one in Zwolle. Now it is time for a new adventure.

We enjoy the wonderful, pure outdoors in this beautiful part of Italy on a daily basis. We continue to marvel at everything nature has to offer in the four seasons and love to share it with you! During the evenings where you can join us for dinner, we use as much as possible the organic vegetables that we grow in our own garden. Delicious and pure!

Do you fancy a nice walk, are you looking for a good restaurant, do you want to go for a day's scooter ride or do you want to go on a trip with a classic Fiat 500? We'll be happy to help you on your way.

We are already starting our fifth season, we are ready and looking forward to welcoming you. Please feel welcome!

Jolanda and John

Jolanda and John

Jolanda and John

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Jolanda and John
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