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Looking ahead to the fall of 2022!

Summer 2022. We often say to each other, how quickly this summer flies by!

We look back on a wonderful summer that is far from over and we look forward to the approaching autumn.

Perhaps that is because we started so early this year. Even before Easter we had the first guests and except for two times a few days of vacation we have flown on until now, mid-August.

We received guests from so many different countries, a list, Canada, US, Australia, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, Scotland, Friesland, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland. What a list, so much fun.

We ourselves enjoyed a few days in Lecce in Puglia in April and in Ancona in June, great to recharge once in a while, we love it.

We have guests until October 3 and after that we will go to the Netherlands to see our mothers. Also nice!

And then it's already time for the fall break. This year we are going to put it in a fun way.

We have come up with a nice arrangement after we received a lot of questions whether it would be possible to help out with harvesting olives. That is possible this year.

'Olive picking experience!!!'
Starting October 15, we will go back into the olive grove.
Always wanted to gather your own olive oil?
Then come join us during the fall break and spend a day (part) in the olive grove. Our valley will be buzzing with energy, everyone is picking their olives and you can be part of it. And then go home with your own olive oil!
-Monday pizza night (optional, 25 euro pp) with fresh pizza from our wood-fired pizza oven.
-Tuesday Picking Olives (including lunch)
-Wednesday Wine Tasting (includes)
-Friday Together with other guests we make a nice braai/bbq. In consultation we divide the shopping and activities. Nice and relaxed by a fire outside eating together.
Nothing is required, participate in what you enjoy!
App or email for more information 06-52335212 or



Jolanda and John

Jolanda and John

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Jolanda and John
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