General terms and conditions

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General conditions relating to reservations and stays at Agriturismo Tecognano

Art 1 General
1.1 Agriturismo owners Jolanda and Johannes Dijkhof, located: C.S. 575 Tecognano, 52044 Cortona (AR) Italy.
1.2 By making a deposit or reservation in writing (this also includes by email) a reservation agreement is created. These general conditions are then in force.

Art 2 Conclusion and content of the reservation contract
2.1 The customer will provide the Agriturimo with the necessary information for the conclusion and execution of the contract.
2.2 The rented pitch or accommodation is exclusively reserved for guests who have reserved it and who are registered upon arrival.
2.3 The reservation contract is only final upon receipt of the deposit.
2.4 The customer automatically accepts the general terms and conditions by making the first deposit.

Art 3 Arrival/departure
3.1 Day of arrival: accommodation or pitch is available from 15:00. Departure from accommodation or pitch before 10:00 on day of departure. Staying on the site on this departure day is allowed.
3.2 Failure to comply with these times may result in a surcharge of at least one day.

Art 4 Payment
4.1 after your request for reservation and after confirmation from our side we ask you to make a deposit. After receiving the deposit the reservation is final. If the deposit is not received within 7 days the reservation will be cancelled.
4.2 The remaining amount must be received by us 6 weeks before arrival at Agriturismo Borgo di Cortona.
4.3 If the reservation is made within 6 weeks before arrival we would like to receive the full amount immediately to finalize the reservation.
4.4 Upon receipt of the first deposit you will receive an extensive information email. After receipt of the second payment you will receive a confirmation of receipt.
4.5 The payment of additional costs such as groceries, refreshments and co-dining etc. must be paid in cash on the day or evening before departure.

Art 5 Legitimation
5.1 Clients must be in possession of a valid passport or tourist card upon arrival and throughout their stay.

Art 6 Cancellation by client
6.1 Cancellation can only be made by email to Agriturismo Borgo di Cortona.
6.2 Upon receipt of the cancellation, Agriturismo Borgo di Cortona will confirm the cancellation by email.
6.3 There will be no refund if the client cancels.
6.4 Without written authorization, a reservation cannot be transferred to third parties. This permission will have to be obtained from Agriturismo Borgo di Cortona.
6.5 The conclusion of an adequate cancellation insurance against illnesses, accidents or other (unforeseen) circumstances is a responsibility of the client.

Art 7 Cancellation by Agriturismo Borgo di Cortona
7.1 If Agriturismo Borgo di Cortona is forced by circumstances to the cancellation of the rented property, this will be communicated immediately to the customer by email. If possible accompanied by an alternative offer.
7.2 In case of non-availability of an alternative or non-acceptance of the alternative by the customer, Agriturismo Borgo di Cortona will immediately refund the amount already paid by the customer.
7.3 The customer will have no other right than to receive this amount back.
7.4 The owner of Agriturismo Borgo di Cortona reserves the right to cancel from its side in case of force majeure or natural disasters. This without compensation for damages and the payments already made will not be refunded.

Art 8 Obligations of the clients
8.1 Clients must follow instructions and directions given by the owners.
8.2 Damages and loss of movable as well as immovable property of the landlord must be reported and compensated to the landlord as soon as possible.
8.3 In case of violation of the general conditions as well as in case of inappropriate behavior, the owner of Agriturismo Borgo di Cortona may deny the client immediate access to the rented property and the general premises without any further explanation or refund of the rental price.

Art 9 Liability and force majeure
9.1 The owner of Agriturismo Borgo di Cortona cannot be held liable for loss and/or theft of valuables left in or near the accommodation, nor for damage to cars parked in the grounds.
9.2 The owner cannot be held liable for accidents in and on the accommodation and its grounds, including the swimming pool.
9.3 The owner also accepts no liability for damage for which there is an entitlement to compensation under travel or cancellation insurance.
9.4 Damage caused by natural forces, natural disasters, attacks, strikes, acts of violence or accidents is not the owner's responsibility and can therefore not be imputed to the owner.
9.5 If the owner is liable to clients for loss of rental enjoyment, the compensation shall not exceed the rental sum. Excluded is a situation of force majeure.

Art 10 Complaints
10.1 Any observed shortcoming in the execution of this agreement must be reported to the owner as soon as possible. The owner will then be able to find an appropriate solution.
10.2 If the solution cannot be found within a reasonable period of time and really affects the quality of the rental, it must be reported immediately to the owner.
10.3 If, even then, no satisfactory solution can be found and this gives rise to a complaint, this complaint must be made a.s.a.p. by e-mail and justified to the owner.
10.4 If the complaint is upheld, to be assessed by the owner, the owner will compensate the guest, which may consist of a reduction in the cost of accommodation.

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