Indian summer... on the way to autumn!

What a beautiful summer we have behind us, thankful we look back and hopeful for the future!

Many guests have enjoyed their well-deserved holiday in a relaxed setting.

Nice contacts have been made, between us and the guests, but also between guests themselves. The atmosphere was good, the weather was beautiful and the guests were great!

No doomsday scenario came true, no one had to go home because of illness or code orange or red, everything went well!

How exciting was it for some, is the holiday going to go on? I'm so ready... Luckily, summer holiday 2020 was good!

We've had many dining evenings together, every Tuesday 'Pizza night', Wednesday 'Lunch on Pallazone', an ancient olive grove, and Friday 'Bistecca Night', a bbq night with South African influences.

At the time of writing this blog we are still in full operation, until the autumn holidays there are almost constant guests.

So this blog is not a farewell to the summer, no just a snap between the summer, and the after-summer.

Because after-summer is great here, too. The farmers are working hard towards the harvest. Pruning once more to give the grapes a last push, or mowing the grass under the olive trees to make harvesting easier. The mornings start early with a light mist, but before 9 o'clock the sun is shining again. The evenings fall a little earlier, but the tempering remains pleasant for a long time. Slowly we move on to autumn, but first: after-summer!

We hope to harvest our olives again, many trees are full of thick green olives, early in the morning we climb up into the olive grove, spread the nets around the trunk of a tree and comb the olives from the branches. Heavy, honest and pure work. A thermos flask of coffee comes along, as soon as the sun comes through we enjoy the coffee in the olive grove. In the distance we can see Montepulciano, over 40 kilometres away.

So wait and the oil 2020 is a fact!

Bookings for season 2021 are already coming in, newcomers and returnees. Welcome in advance!

Next year we'll add two new apartments, we're working on it, more info on this in the next blog. And of course pictures!



Jolanda and John

Jolanda and John

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Jolanda and John
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